Rock Valley Run CSA Farm & Greenhouse LLC - CSA Farm offering produce, Annuals, groundcovers & succulants
“Thanks for such great foods!  I feel like my kids ate a wider variety of veggies and were more willing to be adventurous b/c they knew the farm where the food came from.
We love it!  Compared to our last CSA your produce was so much better and your organization was great-can't wait for next season.
I wanted to let you know that we want to continue with our farm share next season.  We have enjoyed all of your wonderful produce.  It's like Christmas every week, seeing what we get.  The Brussel Sprouts were a real treat the past two weeks.  I have been spreading the word....Meg
I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed the Artichoke that I purchased from you several weeks ago.  Whatever or however you are doing you "magic" i hope you will do more.  The one I had was outstanding.
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